DXpeditions are Risky!

I’m praying that the 3Y0Z Team gets home safely. That’s all that matters now.

I donated $250 and want the team to keep it to help with costs. I hope they can recoup some from the company they chartered – the principles of 3Y0Z are the best of the best and I’m sure they had the right contingencies in their contract.

Having been a co-organizer who watched three ship bookings go south while collecting donations, I know from a “back office” perspective how the 3Y0Z team feels. 3Y0Z had announced Nigel Jolly as their transport, I donated, then they changed ships. I know exactly how this goes!

It’s amazing these projects even happen . . .

What I also learned is that real DXpedition Leaders never give up and the 3Y0Z team have many potential DXpedition Leaders. I say this because there are some older leaders but also several younger team members whom I expect will pick up where the older fellows leave off when they retire.

I don’t expect that Bouvet will be activated for at least 2 years now – it will take time for everyone to handle shutting down 3Y0Z. It took 2 years after VK0EK to finalize everything – the first year the big stuff in a flurry, the second year the last tiny tidbits. There will be gear to retrieve and ship back and then return to the vendors, accounting to do, etc, etc

Bob KK6EK and I chatted and he told me a few back stories about DXpeditions that almost ended in tragedy that he was on. He also reminded me that VK0IR was delayed several times and where $100,000 was lost, which was a bigger deal in 1997. We both feel that VK0EK or even the VP8 DXpedition could have experienced something similar, and that we were lucky.

I was a co-organizer, but not a Leader or Co-Leader. There is a big difference. For example, my wife said I could go on VK0EK, but only if it was my dream to do so. It wasn’t my dream. But it was Bob, KK6EK’S dream. My dream was to help Bob and the team fulfill their dream. As an “Armchair DXer”, I live vicariously through the DXpeditioners travels.

And without Armchair DXers, you have NO DXpedition.

Will Bouvet be activated before I go SK? Yes, and I’ll bet twice. Once with a team of 4 or more, and once with a scientist going there with a scientific DXpedition. The one bit of news I heard that reminded me of Bob, KK6EK never giving up (when I was ready to give up on VK0EK) is that some team members are already talking about trying again.

The drive of these dreamers is amazing, and inspiring.

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