160M DXCC and 9BDXCC – Thanks to Bernie, W3UR!

#100 from V47UR, Bernie, W3UR while on Vacation

Our QSO was literally right at Bernie’s Sunrise!

A classic grey line “enhancement”. Bernie and I have been trying day and night – using the ON4KST Chat. I have made a small handful of such QSO’s, which I guess you can call “assisted” with the Chat, but in every case, the operator insisted that we have a real QSO – even if they were ESP, and on Top Band, many are ESP. There were no “gimmies”. At the same time I heard FM5BH 1 KC down, but Bernie was only running 100 watts to a wire.

I will need to work a few more, because a couple stations that I worked don’t seem to QSL, and a few still insist on hard QSL cards – where they do not use LOTW or Clublog. Its getting to be really weird where people still do only direct QSL cards. Its not even the money – for a new one on 160M – I’d gladly pay $3.00 just for LOTW (for someone in their home station). After the first 100 – maybe not so much since I won’t be chasing awards, but the LOTW and Clublog points are fun in their own right.

Its funny, I’ve been wrestling with what it means to be a DXer “post DXCC” and awards chasing. Top Band is what defines this for me – I will support DXpeditions that pay attention to 160M and do a decent job. I would gladly pay $20 or even more for a mega that activates 160M and where I make a new on on that band. So making 9BDXCC and DXCC on 160M is not the end as I had worried about – but really its the beginning of the next chapter, and from the West Coast it will be a truly life long pursuit to try to work them all on Top Band!

2 Comments on “160M DXCC and 9BDXCC – Thanks to Bernie, W3UR!

    • That was fun. I’m down to only a few needed in the Caribbean – J6, J7, HH and HI. I do need the ultra rare ones – but there is no way to get there – hi hi. Thanks again. I now only have 2 entities for Top of HR (Bouvet and Glorioso), so I’m entering DXing just for the fun of it vs. chasing awards. But – getting to these goals has been a blast for sure.


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