SteppIR UrbanBeam?

The SteppIR UrbanBeam is perfect for where I am at in my DXing journey – at least on paper . .

Since I have had the 2 element 20M up for 3Y0Z on my Spiderbeam Heavy duty aluminum push up mast, and now the D40 – testing it intensely for a week on the SP and LP to ZS, its clear that the UrbanBeam would be PERFECT for my needs.

I have noticed that having 30 and 40M vertical as well as horizontal antennas is a very good idea. In my current situation, that meant getting rid of the high bands. Since I only need Bouvet and Glorioso, I figured I’d just use a remote for the high bands. That and the fact that we are about to slide into the bottom of the cycle for years, it seems like the high bands will be null and void.

BUT – what if someone were to just show up on either of these last two – I sure would kick myself if I had nothing on the high bands. I certainly do not want another tower and giant antenna – and while this antenna is expensive and also has motors, which I don’t usually like, the design and bands it offers just make it too perfect for my present situation. I actually don’t believe the gain figures, but on 20 – 10M I do believe it will have some gain and directivity over a dipole with a tuner. I also just sold a bunch of stuff so I have the “mad money” for it.

So – I think this will be a spring or summer project.

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