3Y0I and the Solar Cycle

3Y0I has announced that they will activate Bouvet with some “urgency”. Their mobile app works with English, and their desk top version is very obviously being developed. They said that they yielded to 3Y0Z, and with the demise of 3Y0Z, they have jumped in. Their license has been renewed until February 2019.

I seriously doubt that they will be going immediately, but I do think they would activate late in 2018. HOWEVER, we have seen other previous announcements that did not pan out – but with the professional web development – and the fact that they have dropped the “Rebel” idea and are pitching it as the first Polish DXpedition to Bouvet, it will be interesting if they can pull off a DXpedition to arguably the toughest place to get to and at a fraction of the cost of 3Y0Z.

As far as sunspot cycle goes, I am sure we will see an early bottom – because the “trajectory” of the downward trend is known. I have already noticed the high bands are waning rapidly, but that the low bands are coming on strong.

Having studied the propagation to Bouvet from the West Coast – the Bouvet summer and our winter make for some great possibilities. There is no doubt that the pent up demand for Bouvet is now even more pent up. I no longer clamor for Bouvet and Glorioso, especially now that I have just earned 9BDXCC and DXCC on 160M. This is because I literally have TWO more QSO’s before I retire from DXCC for good. Making 9BDXCC and DXCC on 160M has had the very interesting affect on me – where I now just don’t care who does what and when.

But I do want to continue as a casual DXer and make sure I have the antenna farm and station to handle anything at any time. Who knows – a scientist like 3Y0C or 3Y0E or FT5WJ and activate Bouvet or Glorioso. Bouvet would have to be between October and March, and Glorioso could be any time during the year.

I had gotten used to the idea that only a mega could activate these, but I would not be surprised at all if we start seeing some “old fashioned” (pre-mega) activations, and by teams that are NOT USA instigated.

So, I am making sure my station and antenna farm is at the ready for non megas too.

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