9BDXCC and 160M DXCC: Waiting for QSL Cards

We live in a world where literally minutes after making a QSO – we can have an electronic QSL card. For me, DXCC on 160M – and its close companion 9BDXCC has risen to the same “value” to me as Honor Roll. I did not expect this since Honor Roll has always been marketed as “The Pinnacle of DX Achievement” by the ARRL – and I bought it lock, stock and barrel.

I’m finding myself giddy as a school girl and going to the mailbox – because in the last 5 QSL cards that I am waiting on – three insist on Direct Cards Only. I’m not kidding – I almost have forgotten how to look up a QSL route and then put $3 and a nested QSL / SAE and envelope in the mail!

The job isn’t over until the paperwork is done!

4 Comments on “9BDXCC and 160M DXCC: Waiting for QSL Cards

  1. $3! for a QSL? You are kiddin’. So, you buying your QSL? A direct paper QSL, does it still excist? They have never heard from the “QSL code of Conduct”? 73, Bas


    • There have always been a few like this. Luckily, there are very few now a days – almost everyone does FREE LOTW. I don’t even need cards any more – but some entities have ONE op who is on 160M, so there is no choice. Well – the choice is pay for the credit or don’t bother chasing awards




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