Steppir UrbanBeam and AC6LA’s Animated Steppir Models


Animated EZNec models by Dan, AC6LA

Run, don’t walk to Dan’s web site:

Dan’s site is chock full of VERY interesting and innovative ideas. I have used his spreadsheet for calculating “non standard” phasing lines for phased verticals, and the tools and resources Dan offers is unique and you can learn a lot.

This is really the Cats Meow. I have some trepidation ordering a SteppIR – for the main two reasons others worry:

  1. Moving parts
  2. Gain figures seem “too good to be true”

HOWEVER, with Dan, AC6LA’s animated EZNec plots, now I can see why the UrbanBeam can get the numbers it does. And in fact, this is THE most innovative yagi I have ever seen, and I have been designing and building simple Moxons – and yagi’s (2 and 3) elements for years now.

Here is another very “freeing” thing about being “Post DXCC”. I no longer feel like I would panic if a rig or antenna needed to be repaired because I am no longer “clamoring” to work a new rare one. So, I am willing to take a chance on moving parts – but ONLY because this yagi blows my mind the bang for the buck proposition and how you get 40 – 6M in an antenna that will easily work on a (sturdy) push up mast.

In fact, Dan’s models give me the confidence that this UrbanBeam has been engineered to really be a very clever 2 element yagi or bent dipole, and the bands it covers and the fact that I can put it on a heavy duty push up mast is just what I need at this point.

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