30/40M Horizontally vs. Polarized Antennas and the 2018 DX Landscape

With the demise of 3Y0Z and having just made DXCC on 160M – which also means 9BDXCC, as far as looking forward to the next “new one”, it will be whatever comes my way on Top Band. The other morning, FK8IK was CQ-ing, but was just a little too lite here to call in a pretty big pileup.

The Mega DX-pedition line up this year doesn’t offer me anything that I need – except 160M for Ducie. I don’t need anything as far as Baker or St. Brandon is concerned – well, 160 for 3B7, but I very seriously doubt that will happen, so much so I’m discounting that one.

The next big deal will be putting up the UrbanBeam and playing with that. The Cushcraft D40 was my “test case” – I wanted to make sure that putting up a 40M rotatable dipole would be worth it given my DX Engineering DV-40-P is like a “magic antenna” because it very much exceeds my expectations (which is rare in the world of ham radio antennas).

What I’ve learned about 40 and 30 is that you really need BOTH vertical and horizontally polarized antennas – that there is a big difference between the evening short path and morning long path. 20M and above benefits more from a horizontal antenna, and 160/80 requires such a height for a horizontal antenna that verticals are the only way to go – in fact Inverted L’s – if you are on a small lot of don’t have massive trees to hang wires from.

Right now – unless 3Y0I really happens, 2018 could be even more boring than 2017 was – and 2017 was the most boring DX year for me in many years. I also have zero interest in Dayton or Visalia – there just isn’t much doin’ DX wise these days.

Here’s a weird thought – if 3Y0I doesn’t happen, then Glorioso could be something I will work before Bouvet. I guess the demise of 3Y0Z is finally hitting me as they approach Cape Town. I do look forward to hearing what they plan on doing next, if anything. I expect some fallout and changes as far as very expensive mega DXpeditions go – but you never know – the pent up demand for Bouvet is now even more than it was before . . . .

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