The End of the EU LP Line

After an early morning DX “session” on 160M, I listen on 40M for EU and ZS on the Long Path. We are right at the end of EU being strong on that path, but fortunately, because ZS is in the Southern Hemisphere, we have a Long Path opening on 40M almost daily year round. In fact, I think we also have the evening Short Path to ZS nightly year round.

I’m hearing Andre, V51B this morning, so that path is 15,111 miles. I distinctly remember working TO4E on this same path on 40 and 30M years ago, so, if the French Team were to go to Glorioso and if they were more astute than FT5GA, they could give the West Coast an ATNO. The French Team is more astute since they very much call for West Coast, so that is my last best hope for working Glorioso from my home QTH. In fact, Glorioso is 5,000 miles closer.

Now I’m wondering which will be activated first, Glorioso or Bouvet. I expect that there will be a lot of fallout from 3Y0Z – and it will really be interesting to see what happens as far as any Bouvet activation goes.

In any case, if either are activated in the next few years – both will be activated at the bottom of this cycle. By the end of this year, the high bands will really be in the dumps.

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