W1AW Bulletins on 160M

One of the absolute best services the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) provides is the daily bulletins sent in Morse Code, or as we hams call it, CW for Continuous Wave.

Now, throw in 160M, and all of a sudden my new favorite pass time is just listening to the bulletins and trying to get my listening skills back to where they were when I was an NCS “Traffic Man” in the early 70’s, and when I had ZERO interest in DX.

Hey – this is fun – I can even play with my phased Wellbrooks and the NCC-2 to get the signal just right!

2 Comments on “W1AW Bulletins on 160M

  1. I’ve been doing the same, Rich, and working on my code speed. I listened to the W1AW West Coast Qualifying Run in January, transmitted by Jim, K9JM. I sent in my copy and passed the 25 WPM proficiency test. Next stop, 30 WPM.


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    • I’ll listen for a while and try one of the next ones. W1AW is a good beacon for 160M propagation and for getting my RX antennas turned towards EU too, so its all good.
      73 – Rich


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