Is DX-ing a Detriment to Telegraphy?

It can be argued that Telegraphy was the one thing that was the gateway between the old world and the new

I’ve only been a DXer since 2001. When I was WA2QHN in NJ back in the early 70’s, I was an NCS “Traffic Man”, and CW was my medium. I have now become semi-addicted to listening to the W1AW Bulletins nightly on 160M – for two reasons – to learn how to copy CW by ear better than when I was a teenager, and because on 160M I also get an instant read on the propagation to EU – which I have yet to crack from my QTH.

One thing that is startling is how rusty my CW was – and a lot of it has to do with DX QSO’s that are nothing but 5N TU and my call. Luckily, my ability to copy has gotten dramatically better in just two days of listening to the bulletin seriously. I’m surprised at how much fun this is (again after more than 40 years of being “dormant”), and I highly recommend it.

I feel that the single most operating aspect about Ham Radio for me is CW. Its more important to me than DXing because it is a heritage where Amateur Radio operators are “The Last Man Standing” who are using CW and keeping it alive.

Think about it – YOU are the last to use Morse Code. YOU are helping to keep it alive!

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