Paying Homage to Telegraphy

Wheelock Signals Relay – used by Western Union in their Telegraph System

I have a few cool collectibles related to Morse Code, Telegraphy and the “living history” surrounding it. This is because I understand how Amateur Radio is the “keeper of the code” because we are the last group left to keep this art alive.

Having fun with old Telegraph components

I’m working on one special display to rule them all – with just enough stuff to tell the story. A simple but interesting Telegraphy “Altar” of sorts. Whats especially fun is how simple yet beautiful these pieces and parts are. I especially love the use of brass and the electromagnetic coils.

Some of the history is near and dear to my heart – having grown up in New Jersey and very close to where many Telegraph parts were invented (Speedwell Foundry in Morristown, Edison inventions in Menlo Park and Western Union Relay’s in Long Branch). One thing leads to another, and there were also so many computer innovations made at Bell Labs within an hour of where I grew up, and where UNIX System V, C and switching circuits and systems were invented.

I’m celebrating Telegraphy this year by reading about its history and also working on getting my Telegraphy skills up – sending and receiving.

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