Linear Loaded Slanted Verticals

While it looks like an Inverted Vee or even a Delta Loop, it really is just two bottom fed verticals – bent over. The bottom wires are 8′ off the ground and the top 50′. The “wingspan goes out 35′ in each direction for an overall width of 70′. Its an update to the “Mod Bob” – but this time, with slanted wires and using some linear loading – where the bent back wires act as a sort of counterpoise, we get nice patterns (at least using EZnec):

The feed looks like a dipole, and I could even modify my base choke / UNUN switching circuit to switch in taps on the bottom wires – so you can be resonant on 160 or 80M without any loading components. I did not model the extensive 96 buried radial field that is under this – but I am sure that would only help.

Both the 160 and 80M patterns look great – they are verticals with a decent low takeoff angle. I modeled the top of the two slanted wires connected and apart, and the models didn’t change much at all.

What is interesting about this exercise is that I could use the UrbanBeam support with two wires as guy’s and have 160 – 6M on one support. The only issue is then my TX antenna would be too close to my two RX antennas, and since they have preamps at the antenna and a second one in the shack – keeping the distance is critical. Right now my Inverted L is 70′ away from my nearest RX antenna, and I experience no issues (knock on wood).

Anyway, its always fun to think up new designs and model them.



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