US Towers ALM-31

Image Copyright US Towers

US Towers has a nice crank up aluminum tower / mast that would be perfect for the UrbanBeam. I also saw these up close at Dayton last May, and like the UrbanBeam – it caught my eye. At the time I was still fully focused on DXCC, so these products were put in the back of my mind.

Image Copyright US Towers

The strength and weight makes this perfect for my new “Post DXCC” situation. These two products that I saw at Dayton popped back in my mind as soon as I hit 9BDXCC and along with the cancellation of 3Y0Z.

One operating idea that I have also had – but which was also stashed in the back of my mind is the USA County Hunters Award. It would be perfect for the bottom of the Sunspot Cycle and also get me into serious “Retirement Hunting” as far as where we might retire to. Our first choice is Bend, OR, but I want to really consider as many places as I can. One example: a year ago we visited our relatives in Eugene and we stopped in Corvallis and Cottage Grove. We learned that Lane County has the most covered bridges West of the Mississippi. Having gone to college in PA, that was especially cool. We also rode our bikes past the Hop fields between Salem and Corvallis, which was another highlight. Chasing County Hunters would unfold quite a few interesting tidbits and stories.

I have no idea when I will retire, and expect to be in Orinda at least 5 more years. The nice thing about the UrbanBeam and this crank up mast is that I can take them with me when I retire – that’s why I do not want anything big and heavy. No big antennas or towers or amplifiers.

Its a good feeling to be looking at my next “chapter” – its just starting to barely form now.

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