80M Phased Array

80M Phased Vertical Array using 2 Inverted L’s

I’m playing with what an 80M phased array would look like, with shortened elements.

The first attempt at modeling this in EZNec shows that there is end fire and broadside gain (“almost” 3dB end fire 1 dB broadside), but the pattern isn’t as good as having 60′ verticals.

A while back I had a 60’vertical that used the Spiderbeam 41′ push-up mast, and then “softer” aluminum above that for another 19′. It was too top heavy, so I might look into adding 20′ with wire inside the lightest fiberglass push up mast.

I’m only designing this now, but as I said in yesterday’s post, 160M from the West Coast means you can turn on the radio and sometimes not work any new ones for months.

That one night when 80M was super open, 160M was anemic at best.

Anyway, just more fun ideas in antennalandia!

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