A Weird Thing Happened on the Way to 160M DXCC: 80M!

160M is agonizing from the West Coast – its really hard to make DXCC here. I can’t even imagine 6M – that would be far worse. HOWEVER, lately I have seen 80M open up like 40M does, and it offers so much more DX than 160M does.

I have no idea why, but I have always hated 80M. No – its not because of 75M – hi hi. There is no good rational reason, and now that we are dropping into the sunspot abyss, I am seriously thinking about taking my spare Spiderbeam aluminum push up masts and turning them into a phased array on 80M.

I have the buried radials (96), the real estate (barely), and the verticals. Hmmmmmmmm…….

Maybe when we hit the bottom of the cycle and when “80 is like 20M”!

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