80M Phased Array: DX Engineering DV-80-P

I like my DX Engineering DV-40-P so much that I will most likely put up an 80M phased array as soon as we get to the bottom of this cycle – which I believe will start toward the end of this year. I would have 3 dB end fire and 1 dB broadside, which would make me competitive on 80M and 40M (with the DV-40-P and UrbanBeam) for 3Y0I.

As much as I love Top Band, its just not productive on the West Coast. Because Bouvet and Glorioso will most likely be activated during the dearth of this solar cycle, 80M would be a much more likely band to work them on than 160M, so after a couple more Q’s on 160M, I might change horses.

I can easily and inexpensively add a wire in a fiberglass pole on top of each Spiderbeam 41′ mast. A cheap MFJ 33′ light duty pole is only 3 pounds, and with a well guyed Spiderbeam push up mast, that would easily handle the top load – much better than trying to tack on aluminum.

Speaking of 80M, I’m listening to a JA who is very strong right now – and there is nothing on 160M. I think 80M will become a real band in my “quiver” this cycle bottom.

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