Phased 80M Array Using 41′ Inverted L’s

I need to tweak the dimensions a little so the gain matches what is expected (3 dB end fire, 1 dB broadsided), but in a way it doesn’t matter because when you tune the verticals for use with the DV-80-P or DV-40-P, you trim to get to a certain frequency. The manual is great this way and foolproof.

The front to back is pretty outstanding. As I tune the verticals I will decrease the F/B and increase the gain. But I still expect to have 20+ dB of F/B

The pattern looks great – both Elevation and Azimuth . . .

I also found that Spiderbeam has 70′ fiberglass poles – that could be used to put a wire in – they are pricey but this could be a good alternative to turning on the radio and usually not working anything on 160M.

There are more stations on 80M, so I will start monitoring and comparing 160 and 80M more.

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