3Y0I: Propagation Predictions With VOACAP Online

Even though conditions at the end of 2018 will be down from where they are now – 20M should still be good. I’m glad I will have the UrbanBeam up on the US Towers ALM-31 at that time. 17 and 15M still could show some life. 40 and 30M will be good.

Jari and his team have added several new features on the VOACAP Online web site that you have to check out. In fact, there are so many new features – you should grab a cup of coffee and play with all of them.

I do see that at the end of the West Coast daylight – we will have a very good 17M opening, a very fast 20M opening, and then a decent 30 and 40M opening.

I’m sure glad 3Y0I is keeping the faith with Bouvet because otherwise I have absolutely nothing new to look forward to DX wise in 2018. Even 160M has lost its appeal since it really has become a lot like watching paint dry. HOWEVER, I do expect that 80M will become a band that will become something I finally like – once I get the DX Engineering DV-80-P phased vertical array up this spring or summer.


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