Phased 80M Array Using Spiderbeam 18M Fiberglass Poles

Photo by Slovenian Contest Club

Its pretty easy to get two of these 60′ fiberglass poles up on my two supports – and 70′ apart. I’m going to start listening to 80M more – because there is a lot more action there than 160M, and I’m starting to feel that making DXCC on Top Band is as good as it gets. Just tape a wire on the outside of each – or even hide the wire inside . . .

Photo by Spiderbeam

I like how they are black – and will blend in with the trees. Its funny, the 72′ version is $200 more than the 60′ version, so I will simply do a small bit of linear loading with the wire at the base – where I will have to trim the wire anyway. $400 extra for 12′ additional is ridiculous – and they are already quite expensive.

One of these will go where my 160M Inverted L is – so it will come down. What I can do for 160M – is create a switching situation where I simply feed the two 60′ verticals bypassing the DX Engineering DV-80-P.


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