9BDXCC and DXCC on 160M: The Last 2 QSL’s Needed

I am waiting for EA8/RW4WR and V47UR QSL’s, or better yet – LOTW credit. I know Bernie is working on it, but have not heard a peep back from Sandy, RW4WR. I sure hope he comes through. I have been checking 160M daily in hopes to snag a few more new one’s, but ironiclly, as soon as I hit 100 QSO’s, the door slammed shut. This is the story about DXCC on 160M from the West Coast – it really is that hard to do.

This is also the reason why one day – in my usual daily 160M “boredom”, I switched over to 80M CW and WOW – there was some great DX on, and it was soooooo much easier to copy. 80M felt like 20M in comparison to 160M.

That’s the moment I decided that I would try a DX Engineering DV-80-P phased vertical array using two 60′ Spiderbeam Fiberglass push up masts with #12 wire inside. They will be easy to set up and easy to tune. I will enhance the part of my radial field for this second vertical, and I have to take down my 160M Inverted L, stat.

I have overlooked 80M for some unknown reason, but now as we slide to the bottom of the cycle, its a band worth checking out – especially with a phased array vs. just a single vertical.


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