SteppIR UrbanBeam Installation Part 1

I’m starting the journey of putting up a SteppIR UrbanBeam. This “series” will include also putting up the US Towers ALM-31 crank up tower, because I needed something that was within specifications of supporting the UrbanBeam and which also was the best solution for my QTH and antenna “siting”.

The product was packed very well in a 5′ x 2.5′ x 2.5’carton. Each set of hardware was very nicely packed in it’s own box. I already have the controller in the shack and where it will “live”.

I’m just starting the inventory process, and will assemble what I can while I wait for the ALM-31 to arrive. I also have the 80M phased array project on tap, and that project also has a delay because the 60′ Spiderbeam poles are back ordered. But there are quite a few time consuming things I need to do in preparation for both projects:

  1. Assemble UrbanBeam boom assembly and prepare whatever else I can before “full wingspan” assembly
  2. Lay down improved radial field that gives better coverage to the second 80M vertical. I can finally put a pile of wire to good use and clean up under the house
  3. Install rotator, DV-80-P and UrbanBeam control cables. I can simply reuse the Inverted L control line for the DV-80-P, I only have two wires to run
  4. Move Wellbrook #2 loop farther away from where the second 80M vertical will go
  5. Trench some wires
  6. Fabricate brackets for the ALM-31 and install

The preparation actually started this weekend. I sold several pieces of antenna gear and gave away my excess aluminum, which gives me the room I need to stage and put everything up. My guess is that both projects will be completed in April. Luckily I’m in no hurry because Bouvet won’t be activated until late this year, and Glorioso not for several years if I’m lucky.

In the meantime, I’ll be on 40M or use the Wellbrook loops as an SWL on all other bands.

2 Comments on “SteppIR UrbanBeam Installation Part 1

  1. Oh man, KY6R is doing “unboxing” blogs now. You should be doing this on YouTube, and each piece of packing foam should be lovingly analyzed and then set aside for future enjoyment.


    • What a great idea! With loud heavy metal music pounding in the background – like a band called “Sprayer” . . . .


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