Spring is Almost Here

We are only a couple of weeks before it’s time to “Spring Ahead”. We are already starting to experience “Vernal Equinox” conditions on the ham bands.

Its been a dry and fairly warm Winter, even though the last week or so we’ve entered into a chilly spell, and even a little rain – which my landscaping plants sure need.

Spring starts in 3 weeks, but we turn the clocks ahead in 2 weeks

Its also my 1 year anniversary at Credit Karma – the best place I’ve ever worked in my 37 year Computer Programming / IT career. I coded in C, C#, Fortran, Assembler (Octal and Hex), COBOL, ADA. SQL, PL/SQL, VB, Bash and other shells, REXX, Forth, Python, Perl, TCL/TK, PHP, Javascript, and more – many have come and gone – but ONE language has been constant – SQL.


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