The Sure Fire Cycle 25 Prediction!

I have read several predictions for Cycle 25:

  • It will be weaker than Cycle 24
  • It will be the same as Cycle 24
  • It will be similar to Cycle 23

I remember how many predictions there were at this time before Cycle 24. There were so many – it was hard to take any seriously – but each of us believed what we wanted to believe.

The one thing I can say with certainty, is that from now until we really know what Cycle 25 will be like (and it takes almost being half way through the cycle to know), getting your low band antennas up and humming is a sure bet.

I expect the high bands will be devoid of much good DX starting at the end of this year, and that like the bottom of Cycle 23, 40M especially was the “new 20 meters”. But don’t overlook 160M and 80M – if you wanted to earn DXCC on those bands – you are already in for a treat as I have seen a dramatic improvement just since the end of 2017.

Get those low band antennas up!

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