SteppIR UrbanBeam Assembly – Boom

One really fun thing about building the UrbanBeam is that I now have serious experience with Stepper Motors, specifically, NEMA-17 and NEMA-23. When I assembled and wired the boom with the two EHU’s I could see exactly what they did and what their Stepper Motors look like.

I’m now in a holding pattern – it makes no sense to build the rest of the antenna until I can get the US Towers ALM-31 up – or at least the weekend before I receive the tower. The tower will require some custom brackets tht I will build myself since the ones they sell are not suitable for my needs – and their brackets are as expensive as the tower itself!

With President Shyster McNumb Nuts starting tariffs (and the inevitble trade wars that will follow) – what is already ridiculously expensive tower and antenna wise (steel and aluminum) will get that much more expensive, and soon. I’m glad I ordered and paid for these things already.

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