The Secret to Lowband Radial Installation

A good lawnmower and chicken wire!

I have an electric lawnmower that has a great adjustable height mechanism – that is easy to use, and fast to change. I cut the grass close, then lay down the wire, then put down chicken wire as a lazy mans way to set the radials in place.

I used to staple (I used sprinkler drip irrigation staples) each and every wire to the ground in several places along the wire, then I figured out a much easier and faster way. Lay the wires down – with maybe ONE staple at the end of the run. Then roll chicken wire on top of all of the wires. you can even bend some of the chicken wire fence to hold the wires in place on the ground. Now you need far fewer staples – to hold the chicken wire down.

The chicken wire is not electrically connected to anything, but it holds the wire down and does act as a metal screen. In time, chicken wire will rot away anyway . . .

I use all kinds of wire – because my grass is actually natural grass and this time of the year it grows like crazy. It will turn completely brown (er “gold”) by May or so, so now is the time to lay this down. Even RG8X coax hides easily in the grass and you never know its there in just weeks. The grass “thatch” covers all wires completely – as well as the chicken wire!

It just so happens to be perfect timing to get this done before the Spiderbeam Fiberglass 18M poles get here. I cut the grass today, and will start laying down the radials next weekend. I have one vertical set of radials done – now the second set goes in – and will be bonded to the first set.

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