160M DXCC #99: 9Y4/UA4CC

OK, now I have just made DXCC on 160M and 9BDXCC 100% from my own back yard. Some of you had asked what happened to #99 – well, I had worked one of my 100 using my friends remote on the East Coast. Part was to see what the East Coast could hear on 160M – and believe me – it was an eye opener. It made a lasting impression on me.

I didn’t make a big deal because I knew this QSO would come and I would “fess up”. I’m glad I haven’t submitted for my 9BDXCC and 160M DXCC endorsements until now. Bernie, V47UR did win the highly coveted KY6R 100th slot, and I guess legally you could say 9Y4/UA4CC is my 101st, but I’m staying pure and true to my original goals. NOW I’m really happy!

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