80M and 40M Short Path to Glorioso

The Short Path to Glorioso may not be impossible as I had previously thought, only because I will have phased verticals on both 80 and 40M. I know that Bouvet will be easy because its not a polar path, and because it is so close to the ZS path I work daily. When I say close I mean “given that the cardioid pattern is as wide as the DX Engineering DV series phasing arrays are”:

I have worked a C9 during the bottom of the cycle on the Short Path on 80M, so this means maybe being at the bottom of the cycle will be good for me and 80M – because how many hams have 2 elements on 80M? Not many. The EIRP for 500 watts at 3 dB gain is very substantial – online calculators, even adding 1 dB loss in the coax show more than 50 dB.

My C9 80M QSO gives me hope for FT/G which Murphy’s Law says that it will be activated at the bottom of Cycle 24 . . . The best news is that based on my D40 experiments, FT/G on the morning Long Path will be great with the UrbanBeam. 30M will also be good and I am sure now – 80M.

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