The KY6R QTH Mystery

I still wonder why my DX Engineering DV-40-P phased 40M vertical array performs so well to ZS every night on the Short Path. The verticals are oriented NE – SW end fire, and the NE end fire direction is what works best for ZS. That’s a bit odd since the direction should be due east.

OK, this one is easy – the cardioid pattern allows enough signal to the east where its not much down from the direction straight NE. That’s the “azimuthal plane”.

The elevation take off angle models fairly low – about 20 degrees, and while the ridge to me NE cuts much of the low signal off at 14 degrees TOA, I must be just getting over the hill at 20 degrees. That’s the only answer – because ZS6CCY gives me a nightly SP signal report of 59, and many days I’m S9 +10

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