The Robots are Here! (KH6JF and the Waveglider!)

KH6JF – HF Voyager – photo (c) from the Jupiter Research Foundation –

A short while ago, Mike, KJ4Z wrote a guest blog about a “DX-podition”. This has now happened exactly as Mike wrote about, and also developed VK0LD, the 100% remote controlled and satellite linked autonomous DX-podition to Heard Island –

Jupiter Research Foundation – the “Waveglider” – Image (c) from N6FW’s TAPR 2017 Lightning Talk

From N6FW – Kurt Kiesow’s wonderful “Lightning Talk” at TAPR 2017 in St. Louis –

Mike recently worked KH6JF on FT8, and the connection between VK0LD and KH6JF is just about the most exciting thing I have seen in Ham Radio. In fact, maybe Mike and I really need to check out TAPR, but I digress.

For me, my silly Elecraft KPOD u.RAT project got me into all of the same technologies used in this area of “Ham Radio V2.0”, so I can really appreciate what Kurt, N6FW and his team have done.

Bravo Kurt and Jupiter Research Foundation!

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