More Cowbell (radials)!

We haven’t had much rain this Winter, but it looks like March could bring enough rain to finalize my radial field. These radials will be under the grass in one month.

The 40M array, which is just below this small patch has 44 buried radials and the ground is covered with chicken wire. The chicken wire is not connected to anything, but I had a bunch left so I used it to hold the radials to the ground. This saved me from pounding in a million wire Staples.

The new radials that you see here bring the entire radial field up to about 160 Most have under the grass “thatch” for several years, and now I have added 18 more using all of the surplus junk wire that was just sitting in a pile under the house.

I need to solder the originating ends together and bond them to the existing radial fields.

I already have two home brewed vertical feedpoint boxes, and will put these up as soon as I take down my 160M Inverted L. I will receive the Spiderbeam 60′ fiberglass masts before next weekend, so I will be able to be on 80M with my phased array by next Saturday night.

The other fun task I’m doing this weekend is testing the wiring of the SteppIR UrbanBeam and also testing the Yaesu G450 rotator. I might even finish the UrbanBeam and stage it on my trellis or on saw horses out back.

I expect next weekend will be the big 80M weekend and the following weekend will be the UrbanBeam and ALM-31 weekend.

Yee haw!

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