Farewell, Top Band . . .

I’ve made my goal with 160M DXCC – which also means 9BDXCC, and because I have very limited space for antennas, I will be replacing my Inverted L with a pair of 60′ verticals phased with a DX Engineering DV-80-P within this next week. There is far more interesting activity on 80M than 160M here, but it was a great journey, and for the West Coast something I’m proud of.

Today I got just about everything prepared for the verticals – the control and coax and phasing boxes and home brewed feed point boxes are already installed. Later this week the Inverted L comes down and I re-route the control cable for it to the DV-80-P. I also did some preliminary set up for the Urban Beam – I have the G-450 rotator and UrbanBeam control cables set up.

I think I will finish the UrbanBeam tomorrow – as long as I can figure out where to stage it before the ALM-31 tower gets here.


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