Antenna Alert! Antenna Alert!

Everything is coming together for this weekend. The US Towers ALM-31 arrived and it exceeds my expectations:

Its more “stout” than I remember it being at Dayton last year.

Its very well built and the brackets are perfect for where I plan to put it.

The shipping crate was perfect.

I have most of the UrbanBeam done – all of the tubes are prepared, just one last set of steps and up she goes …

The two Spiderbeam 18M (60′) fiberglass poles arrived and I will put them up after the ALM-31 and UrbanBeam.

Final Steps


  1. Finish UrbanBeam
  2. Put up ALM-31
  3. Put rotator and UrbanBeam up


  1. Take down Inverted L
  2. Complete soldering last few radials
  3. Put up two Spiderbeam Fiberglass masts with wire
  4. Tune wire verticals

All feedlines and control cables are in place, so it’s plug and play.

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