Ham Radio: A Veritable Solar System of Learning

My friends roll their eyes and give me gruff every time I try to justify this antenna or that piece of gear, especially when I say “This is the best (xyz) …”

Some have also told me to slow down, that DXCC is not a race, to “Savor it”. That just isn’t going to happen.

The big question is “Why am I so passionate about Ham Radio?”. The answer is very simple.

Ham Radio offers an entire solar system of discovery, education and knowledge. I cannot think of one hobby that offers the depth and breadth of avenues for learning and discovery as Ham Radio. There’s geography, physics, psychology, history, culture, manufacturing, travel / adventure, communication, and the list seems to go on ad infinitum.

To try to nail it down to one thing is a fool’s game, but for me it’s so much fun because it makes me think, learn, and is the perfect antidote to the rigors and trials in life.

It’s a fun, educational respite where I am the Master of my Domain.

2 Comments on “Ham Radio: A Veritable Solar System of Learning

  1. Rich, You really nailed it in describing the multiple facets of ham radio. I think that explains why when my mind is wandering it is almost always thinking about something related to ham radio. By the way I also really enjoy reading about your journey with antennas. Makes me think of many ways to have a good signal without breaking the bank. Believe it or not, my lot is worse than yours. Keep up the blog, it is great! Harris K9RJ Alamo


    • Thanks neighbor – its pretty cool that there is such a wide set of avenues to stroll down – building stuff, DXing, propagation, emergency preparedness, antennas, etc, etc

      73- Rich


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