Ten Tec Argonaut 515

For nothing but nostalgia sake, I purchased a rare Argonaut 515. It was priced right, and from time to time I remember Ten Tec and miss them quite a bit. Elecraft has surpassed Ten Tec, but Ten Tec was there first. The Ten Tec Orion was the first radio that I owned that took a big leap forward. I have had my Elecraft K3 for 10 years now – the longest of any radio. Thank goodness for Elecraft – they have the same great vibe Ten Tec did back in the day.



2 Comments on “Ten Tec Argonaut 515

  1. Growing up in East Tennessee, I could drive to Ten-Tec in about an hour. Now, I can drive to Elecraft in a similar amount of time. I hope the latter can avoid the fate of the former. Ham radio kit has got to be a tough way to make a living.

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  2. I had that Argonaut 515, sold it and have regretted my decision ever since. It was the best of the Argonaut pack.

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