DX Bingo!

I’m going to pick up where I left off with the DXCC Challenge, except I’m calling it “DX Bingo”. Here are my rules:

  1. I will only jump in pileups where I need the DXCC Entity on a band. No band-mode DX Hoggery
  2. I will use LOTW as my bingo sheet, but will NOT participate in DXCC Challenge (since its pointless from the West Coast)
  3. I will be almost exclusively CW. SSB when I have to. The novelty of FT8 has already worn off for me – I have been in front of a keyboard for more than 37 years at work – so its not nearly as enjoyable for me as CW is
  4. QRP whenever possible
  5. No remotes – all from my own backyard – I’ve made my two remote QSO’s – and that’s enough

Last night I jumped in the 3C0W pileup in SSB but didn’t work him there. He announced 7.019 and I was there as soon as he QSY’ed and worked him easily. The DX Engineering DV-40-P just delivers! For whatever reason, I still love working anything on the African Continent – its still as exciting as when I was chasing the Honor Roll award.

The combination of DX Engineering DV-80-P and DV-40-P, combined with the SteppIR UrbanBeam is going to be awesome – full versatility and maximum fun. Its really funny how 160M DXCC took up so much space in my yard antenna wise – it required the Inverted L and the two Wellbrook ALA-1530LNP loops to get the DXCC / 9BDXCC job done, and that prevented me from moving on as I can now.

Badges? I don’t need no stinkin’ DXCC Award badges!

I do like following the DXCC Rules but NOT chasing DXCC Awards now – it gives me just enough “structure” and a fun goal without it becoming a job. In fact, because of the NCDXC DX Ladder and the Clublog DX “Leagues” – I can upload ADIF to Clublog and LOTW, and the “award” is just the data. Its easy, and its fun.

When I do work a new one on a band, its 100% just for kicks. No need to lose sleep over it or go to any more lengths than just having fun. If I miss something, no big deal. I had a blast chasing DXCC Awards between 2001 – 2018, but that’s over now. I don’t even care bout Top of Honor Roll – if it happens, great, if not – no problemo!

Here’s a great thought – chasing DX Bingo is something I can do as long as I live – especially because from the West Coast (and I seriously doubt I will retire very far East of the West Coast), you can never get close to the leaders at the top of the DXCC Challenge. Now I see why this is a GOOD thing. 160M and even more so – 6M are EXCEEDINGLY difficult from the West Coast, but therein lies the Pot O’ Gold – I will ALWAYS have a DX Challenge – without the ARRL DXCC Challenge!

A beautiful little irony. Hey – the UrbanBeam puts me on 6M with a pattern very similar to this:

6M will be ridiculously futile from my QTH, but since I only have 3 entities on 6M (US, Hawaii and Mellish Reef),  it should be easy to work Canada, Alaska and some OC-Pacific entities.

But the real bands that will bring the DX will no doubt be 80, 40 and 30 – with occasional higher band openings where I still need entities – 20M is pretty much fished out here. 80M offers the biggest pond for me to go fish in at this point – so the phased verticals will be a blast I am sure.


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