A “Hive” of 80M Activity and 3C0W on 30M

The Spiderbeam 80M vertical with wire taped to the top. Look carefully at the tall tree and you can see it

I was able to get one 60′ (18M) fiberglass pole up today. The second one is going on another post – but I had to remove a bird house that the hornets took over. I took a hammer knocked the birdhouse down into the creek with one sharp blow and ran for my life into the house.

The Spiderbeam fits perfectly in the “cradle” of these two redwood supports which are attached to a 4×4 cemented 4′ into the ground

I don’t know why I didn’t do this before. Its soooo much easier to use these Spiderbeam fiberglass poles and tape wire to them and then trim for best SWR. These poles probably could survive with no guy ropes, but I am using the thinnest Mastrant rope at the top and 3/16″ at the mid section, and it will stay up much better than when I tried to have a 60′ aluminum vertical before. These Spiderbeam poles are extremely well “balanced”.

On another note – I just worked 3C0W on 30M using the UrbanBeam. At 34-ish feet, this is a great antenna for 30M. It is MUCH better than my Inverted L – which is what I had been using on 30M.

My experience with this first 80M vertical is awesome – no tricks like top or bottom loading – just a 1/4 wl vertical – just like in my DX Engineering DV-40-P.

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