The RSP2pro covers the radio spectrum from 1kHz (VLF) to 2GHz (Microwaves)

Now that I have traded my 160M Inverted L for phased 60′ verticals for 80M, and the UrbanBeam on 30M (a BIG improvement), I need to do something with the DX Engineering NCC-2 and two Wellbrook ALA1530LNP loops.

SDRUno for Windows 10 – a very nice looking upgrade over the previous SDRPlay RSP1 options

The answer? The SDRPlay RSP2Pro – its perfect for VLF, LF and MW SWL-ing, and the phased Wellbrook loops are an awesome combo – with and RDF of > 9 dB

Best yet – I did NOT want another piece of gear sitting on top of my K-Line. This is because I finally have a station and shack that is set up the best ergonomically. I find too much gear really causes a distraction – and want only what I absolutely need. The RDP2Pro can sit stashed away behind my laptop, and its powered by the USB cable. My laptop ($500 ASUSPro) has a great display and all the right input and output ports – its the best bang for the buck laptop I’ve ever owned.

Just for laughs, I will see if the phased Wellbrooks work in the Amateur VHF and UHF bands – and see if I can hear people on the local repeaters. I’ll also see if anyone is on the new VLF Ham Bands. This will be fun – and cause no shack clutter.



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