Mad Antenna Science Weekend!

Now that all the hardware (structures and wiring) is in, I can take some time to do some tests and experiments. Here is a list of things I will try with the two 60′ (18M) Spiderbeam Fiberglass based wire verticals:

  1. Tune the verticals for the DX Engineering phasing solution. Check to see if the radial field – as strange as it is works. Try a capacitor on the vertical that is on the deck (since I expect that vertical will NOT tune as well as the one that is on terra firma . . . )
  2. Use a coax “T” in the center of the two tuned verticals and see what it looks like on 80M, but also do a full SWR range test to see what other frequencies might be close to resonance – so that in the “Both” mode, the antenna can be used elsewhere
  3. Disconnect coax feeds and try the Mod Bob idea again – with two phasing lines 10′ off the ground. Run an SWR check on all frequencies from 160 – 30M. Check the frequencies using a Current Choke – a 1:4 UNUN, and anything else I might have on hand to test. Also double check using a balanced tuned feed
  4. Test 40M to ZS against the DXE DV-40-P to see if I can beat that array in the E – W directions

I’ve never had two 60′ verticals like this before, and so I am very interested in seeing what can be done with such tall antennas. They are almost 1/2 wave on 40M – separated by 1/2 wavelength. They are 1/4 wavelength on 80M separated by 1/4 wl. Does any of these combo’s end up making for a great 160 / 80M antenna? Can I get one antenna for 160 – 30M?

I did try this with 2 and 3 aluminum verticals that were 40 – ish feet, so I do have a reference or baseline to test against (the “Mod Bob” experiments).

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