70′ Ladder Line Vertical for 80M

Using ladder line – I can use one side for the 80M CW band (70 – ish feet) and one side for the 75M side (63-ish feet). I have an extensive radial field that proved itself on 160M – earning me DXCC on that band – so now I will come up with something on 80M that avoids any kind of loading – so that I have a true quarter wave vertical on 80M.

The phased vertical idea did not pan out – but I am sure that the 60′ vertical I have now is quite a bit better than the old 41′ Inverted L (it was actually an Inverted U) on 160M and (barely passable) on 80M. Yesterday I found out that just 7′ of wire difference drastically changes the feed point impedance – that was a real surprise, but I also could tell (as could my KAT-500 and KPA-500) could tell the difference since it made the difference between amplifier faults and working.

I would use the ladder line to go up 63′ and then on one leg – solder a single wire to go up the remaining 7′ – this would go on a 72′ Spiderbeam fiberglass push up mast.

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