80 and 75M WIth a 60′ (18M) Spiderbeam Fiberglass Mast

After reading Tom, W8JI’s page on Linear Loading vs. Coil loading:


He says this – “Linear Loading is really nothing other than a poor form-factor inductor. The radiation from the linear loading does NOT change the radiation resistance of the antenna except as the effective position of the load might change from the direction of fold. In all cases, a proper form-factor inductor would have less loss, and provide the same radiation resistance.”

I just happen to have a very high quality, High Q coil that looks like this:

I also found a nice web site that shows how to build your own coil. I also have a big coil I built a while back from refrigerator copper hose, so that would have the highest Q:


I will first just take some clip leads and see if I can find a set of taps on the big coil I have for 80M. It will make the box a lot simpler too:

Its an elegant solution – I’m going with it . . .

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