60′ 80M Vertical Matching Box Built

That was fun and much simpler than trying to create a multiband matching circuit.

I ended up using refrigerator tubing for the coil. It’s about 4″ in diameter, and 9 turns. The direct line was good for 3.857.5, and the coil let’s me go down to 3.515.

I also have a 1:1 current choke at the input, which means the common mode current will not travel on the feedline, and I shouldn’t see any more amp faults on 80M as I have in the past.

Its been several weeks worth of testing and experimenting, but I am very pleased with the outcome. On a small lot – if you have a good single mono pole solution for the low bands – with a great radial field and a full 1/4 wl up, you will have a great DX Antenna.

Besides 80M, I found that this antenna is excellent on 30M.

2 Comments on “60′ 80M Vertical Matching Box Built

  1. I would like to build this very thing. What are the relays for? Could I get a schematic of the whole she-bang? Why is the coil bolted together in the middle? Is it just because you had two shorter pieces of tubing? Many thanks. de John – AC4CA


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