LA1MFA on Evening 40M SP

I’m surprised that I hear LA1MFA so well at this time of year, but I guess the vernal equinox conditions are still there. Over this month this path will go away most likely – but since we are getting close to the beginning of solar minimum, it will be interesting to see the affect on the low bands – especially 40M, but also 30 and 80M. I also hear an OK and just worked an HA station easily with 100 watts and the DV-40P. I could also hear them almost as well on the UrbanBeam.

Now that I think about it, 40M to EU will actually give way to a late afternoon / early evening SP opening to EU and in good sunspot times the Middle East and Africa. This path does not open much during the solar minimum, so the test is whether the West Coast can hear 9K2GS nightly on 20M.

We shall soon find out.

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