When DXCC Feels Like “The Dead Who Walk” . . .

There’s a part of DXCC that feels like “The Dead Who Walk”. What used to be an amusing and fun bit of nostalgia is starting to get old. For example, those who fly into a tropical DX location (vacation), make QSO’s, then charge for QSL cards and hold back uploading to LOTW – apparently with hopes to squeeze out more “donations”. Besides ATNO’s – and I only need 2 more – these cards go right into the garbage at my shack – what a waste of time and resources.

Then there is this whole 160M QSL card checking issue – where only special esteemed people can check such cards. I don’t really remember why this is the case, but it seriously delays the checking – and I mean even at the ARRL HQ.

I’m still waiting on getting one last card checked and one last LOTW upload to make 9BDXCC and DXCC on 160M. It amazes me that some still insist on hard cards and direct only these days – and this is for their home QTH or when they are on vacation in the Caribbean, and even though I “donated”.

I’ve come to enjoy LOTW much more than hard cards – and the “quaintness” of DXCC has fully grown stale for me. In fact – just the data in a database is the “award” for me these days – the old vestiges of the DXCC program are getting long in the tooth.

2 Comments on “When DXCC Feels Like “The Dead Who Walk” . . .

  1. Boy, someone woke up on the wrong side of the shack! QSL’ing is just the final part of the QSO. I used to find it the most enjoyable when I was younger. I treasured every card and each came along with a vivid memory. The DXCC Challenge and 5BDXCC ruined that for me however, as collecting cards became a chore and a great expense. I MUCH prefer LOTW to QSL cards now, but find that DX QSO’s for a new band slot or mode no longer have the same “reward” of a cherished memory. There’s the whole instant-gratification element coming into play as well. We just want to achieve the award and move on.

    I now have 101 entities on 160 and am waiting (patiently?) for five QSLs or LOTW confirmations. I have 120+ entities on FT8 but only 94 confirmations for Digital DXCC. All one can do is wait. No sense complaining about it. I just look forward to cracking open a Bells Hopslam or two when those 100th cards finally arrive (for 160/9BDXCC and Digital DXCC).

    In the meantime, LOTW now supports the CQ Worked All Zones award (WAZ). I have 174/200 entities confirmed already for 5BWAZ, the be-all, end-all, grandaddy of them all. I think 5BWAZ is the toughest DXCC award to achieve.

    I’ve saved a HopSlam for you Rich for when you get your award(s), so quit complaining and be sure to email me when you get your last card checked.

    Oh, I thought you would have heard or read – DXCC field checkers can now check 160 meter cards. That changed recently. Check it out…

    73, Tom


    • Yeah – as patient as I have been I guess instant gratification has become part of my life. I also still like one ATNO card per entity – a sort of “collect them all” ethos that goes back to baseball card collecting.




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