Broad Band

This is a great book. When I was WA2QHN in Newton, NJ in 1976 – my fathers friend plopped an Imsai 8080 on the kitchen table and told me not to become an EE:

I graduated from University of PA in Lock Haven in 1981 with a Computer Science degree. I was Oracle’s 127th employee in 1984 – and I had escaped coding Assembler and COBOL to join the Rebels at Oracle.

What is great about this book is an untold story – I had no idea how many women pioneered technology and didn’t get squat at the time as far as recognition is concerned, and its a big shame. I did know about Grace Hopper and Ada Lovelace, but did not know about the women involved in the runup and even invention of the most critical parts of networking and hypertext. In fact, the hypertext that Berners-Lee and others created is inferior to some schemes like Microcosm – and its a shame since there are so many dead links on the web. It could (it was) actually done better.

Claire Evans is a really great writer and this book is so good – I think I’ll back away from the ham radio gear and this laptop – and go read. Yeah – this book is that fascinating!

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