3B7A 40M Propagation Study


DX Atlas says my path to 3B7 is 353 degrees SP and 173 LP. There is no way that I am hearing them on the Short Path at 353 degrees, so I must be hearing them on the Long Path. They have been weak except a really strong “burst” for maybe 5 – 10 minutes – and it is a grey line enhancement.

I tried beaming my UrbanBeam 40M dipole toward the ZS path – which is 90 degrees but it was worse. I also tried the “other” side of due North, and that was OK – but not great.

My DV-40-P has gain in the NE – SW directions. The UrbanBeam is low, but rotatable. When I heard the strong burst it was on the UrbanBeam. This suggests that I am hearing them in a possible duct – or at least a less “unhindered” sub antarctic polar path.

So – the UrbanBeam wins this one over the DV-40-P, and it was to do with higher angle and the ability to aim in the right direction.

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