The VK0EK to 3Y0Z “Transition” . . .

When I was in the main drive of my DXCC Chase, I actually marked time by the ATNO – callsign. Pretty interesting thing. Its almost like what company you worked at during what year(s).

After the Heard Island VK0EK DX-pedition, I had two DXCC ATNO’s (Bouvet and Glorioso) to get to Top of Honor Roll, and I had 9BDXCC and DXCC on 160M to achieve. Today the door shut on 9BDXCC (its completed), and while I might have some fun on 6M – (since the UrbanBeam covers it very nicely) – its “all over but the DXCC #1 shouting” . . .

I’ve been wanting to change my station and antennas since VK0EK almost 2 years ago. I was patient, and I ramped up for 3Y0Z, and of course, that fell through. While at Dayton a year ago – where VK0EK was awarded DX-pedition of the Year, I stumbled on the UrbanBeam and US Towers ALM-31, and the images of both were stashed in the back cobwebs of my brain. I’m no longer counting on a Bouvet activation – but its still possible. Glorioso is the French Team’s “Navassa” . . . One day both will be activated – but I expect the wait could be up to 10 years.

SO – as soon as 3Y0Z announced they had to abort their mission – the cobwebs cleared out and I was “On a Mission”. That Mission just ended – I have my “post DXCC” station and antennas. I have a new rig that has the features I wanted, and am now embarking on my next phase of this fun hobby.

I recently read about a ham who just threw in the towel after making Top of Honor Roll. I do understand that to a point – but I knew from the start that there would be an end to my DXCC years – and so along the way I did think about that and mentally prepared myself for it. Plus – since I like building stuff and experimenting – I have always had a multi-dimensional take on the hobby.


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