3B7A Worked With 100 Watts and the UrbanBeam (Long Path)

I worked 3B7A with 100 watts and the UrbanBeam (up only 35-ish feet) at o321z on 40M SSB

The Long Path to 3B7A

I tried using the DX Engineering DV-40-P, but they were barely audible. On the UrbanBeam – which would have a very high angle at only 1/8 wl up – they were Q5 and for about an hour. This is not a surprise – we have this same phenomenon almost every day during the West Cost morning – and LP to ZS, C9, V5 and even EU during the Winter. For ZS – this LP path is at 270 degrees due West at our sunrise, and it is open year round.

I’m very pleased that with only 100 watts and the UrbanBeam that I can work something 13,937 miles away. It was very easy – I knew that because I was the weak station in the pileup that I had to be the last one to call – all the big guns were yelling right away – and I slipped my call in right at their end of their call. . .

Glorioso is just enough West of 3B7 to have a different path – Glorioso is a short 20 degree polar path. What I worked tonight was somewhere around 165 degrees or so – and that means it was most definately LP over Antarctica.

Because he was so loud at that distance – this had to be a Chordal Duct or Pedersen Ray.

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