TZ4AM: I’m Starting to Like the 7610 More Than The K3

The IC-7610 Scope layout and options are very intuitive

OK – now I am really starting to love this new rig. The Scope functions fit my operating better than the P3 did. The amount of information is laid out the way I think – and once you put the SD card in – you get these beautiful screen snaps. I love the “T” marker and the color scheme – for the first time ever I really see why people love a Panadaptor.

I don’t know why – but even with some noise – signals just seem more readable on the 7610 than the K3. I remember “straining” more when there was noise and also QSB. Even when the signal fades on the 7610 – it seems to adjust so you still can copy – I can really tell the difference. This is where Bob – in that review I posted before made a reference to the clarity and likened it to “Digital Windex”. I completely agree with him.

I also used the Dual Watch feature with both receivers – to find that TZ4AM was pretty much camped out 2 up – so that was easy to figure out and I worked him with 100 watts no problem and beat many in the pileup. He’s a really good op – and has a very good and consistent signal. I still get the biggest kick working anything in and around the African Continent – and on 40M its just pure fun – like no other band.

I did listen on the UrbanBeam, and it was almost as strong as the DXE DV-40-P, but I chose to use the phased array – which does jive with the Short Path. Its pretty cool – the UrbanBeam was used for LP to 3B7A last night and now the DV-40-P for SP to TZ4AM.

I’m going through the manual and pushing buttons, and I can say for sure – I really love the ergonomics of this rig over the K3.

The Filter screen

I’m just starting to get into the filters and Twin PBT functions. The visual on the screen is just absolutely stunning. I can really understand filtering better than I ever could on the K3. The built in filters just happen to cover what I had in the K3, but somehow – these sound better. I vaguely remember ICOM introducing some of this on the IC-756Pro way back in 2001 – when I got back into ham radio and into DXing for the first time ever.

OH – the Noise Reduction is better on the 7610 – and I think the Noise Blanker was better on the K3. The APF works – I remember that on a Yaesu FT2000D – the APF and several other features like this did not even work unless you installed that AC0C mod – which voided your warranty. Thank goodness ICOM doesn’t have any issues like that FT2000D had – that was a nice rig ergonomically, but a real lemon otherwise. The IC-7610 is actually a pretty amazing engineering accomplishment. I can tell ICOM must have studied the K3 – because this feels like a K4!

More to come . .

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