It took 3 years to earn 8BDXCC and plaque #5516. I did not chase DXCC on 160M seriously at first and swore I wouldn’t bother, but after making Honor Roll I needed a new challenge. DXCC Challenge became really boring after hitting 1500 and so I dropped out of that, but I digress. So, it probably took about 5 years to earn DXCC on Top Band.

It took me 11 years (or 1 solar cycle) to earn Honor Roll). I’d try for 6M if I lived in a place where EME was possible. Terrestrial DXCC on 6M seems impossible on the West Coast. Anyway, this (sort of) ranks up there with Honor Roll.

My last “Stupid DXCC Trick” will be Honor Roll #1. I need Glorioso and Bouvet for that.

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