Odds N’ Sods

I’ve got a few little projects that I will take care of this Spring or Summer:

  1. Cut two 40M phasing cables for the 40M CW band for my DX Engineering DV-40-P. I have two RG-11U cables ready to cut
  2. Sell a handful of baluns / ununs, Low Pass Filters and a few last electronic parts and one Power Supply

Within the next couple of weeks I’ll be moving stuff from my old kayak shed and tearing that down. I learned the hard way why you should never build any out shed near your house – rats love to build nests there. I’ve been vigilant and kept the bastards out from under the house, and now need to do my own “vector control” for good.

Other than that – all of my hobby projects will be in the shack or on my workbench. I think I will play around with some Maker stuff again – one thing I’d love to do is build a couple Field Strength meters where I can place them in the near field of an antenna and have them transmit their readings back into the shack via WiFi



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